“SYTYCD: The Next Generation” Season 13 Recap: The Top 4 Perform

September 5, 2016

And then there were four. We can’t believe it’s almost time to crown the “SYTYCD: The Next Generation” Season 13 champ, and last night’s episode was a nail-biter, as per usual. Emma, J.T., Kida and Tate have brought it week after week, and their performances this episode were no exception. From the music choices to the choreo, everything #AboutLastNight was memorable. Behold, our top five highlights from the ep:

1. The opening number
was an energetic, intricate piece to the Son Lux song, “You Don’t Own Me” (and we love Son Lux—their gorgeous songs have been a fixture on the comp scene this year). Everyone was at their best in this opening number. From the tuxes to the glittery face makeup to the fast-paced, musical choreo, the whole thing was a perfectly synchronized, elaborate performance that they pulled off 110%.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

2. The Top 4’s performance 
to “Ease On Down the Road” by Michael Jackson and Diana Ross had some of the best costuming we’ve seen this season. Every single dancer looked like they were having the time of their life, and that’s what this particular season of “SYTYCD” is all about, so obviously we were living for it. Not to mention, their dance skills are out of this world, which was only confirmed by this energetic number.

(screenshot via YouTube)

3. Emma and Gaby’s routine 
to “Walk Like An Egyptian” was a highlight because while we absolutely love everyone this season, it’s hard to not be a lifelong #TeamTap member after watching this duo week after week—they’re incredible for so many reasons. And this week was no exception. They truly clicked with the music and each other. Nigel said it best: “The reason I’m so proud of you is that we’ve had tap every single week on ‘SYT’ this year, and you have represented it so well.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Nigel.

4. J.T. and Robert’s routine 
to a haunting song by Alexandre Desplat is absolutely unforgettable (as are all of their other routines). Week after week, J.T. has only proven why “The Next Generation” was one of the best moves “SYT” has ever made—these kids are so talented it’s mind-blowing. Case in point? This routine. J.T.’s maturity is beyond his years, and his soul is ever-present in his dancing.

(screenshot via YouTube)

5. Kida and Sasha’s monochromatic moment
was an absolute highlight. Kida has continued to blow our minds, and this week, with all that Top 4 pressure, was no exception. From the costumes to the makeup to the music (not to mention the stellar moves), everything about this routine was insanely amazing, and we think the judges’ standing ovation pretty much confirmed this.

With the finale right around the corner (Sept. 12th!! Aka THIS COMING MONDAY!), it’s hard to say who will win. And as much as we wish it could be everyone, only one dancer can be the Season 13 champ. Who do you think will walk away with the title? Tell us in the comments! And as always, catch us here next week with our recap.

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