“SYTYCD” Season 12 Recap: Detroit Auditions

June 8, 2015

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The “So You Think You Can Dance” crew visited Detroit this week, and the two-hour audition episode was jam-packed with so. much. talent. Here are the top five highlights:

1. Christine and Kenya’s immediate tickets to Vegas.
The evening started on a definite high note with these two. They couldn’t be more different—Christine has a captivating African-infused jazz style, while Kenya’s a fierce animator—but they both share one interest: Jason Derulo. Really, ladies? Even though he makes those awkward “I’m digging it” faces during competitors’ routines? Really?

Samantha gets a #TeamStreet ticket!

2. The Stage/Street duos.
 I just love a good love story: Hip-hop dancer Tyrell and contemporary dancer Kelly first met last year at the Atlanta auditions, and now are engaged to be married. Will they tie the knot in Vegas? It’s possible—both got the green light to move forward. The next Stage/Street pair, however, wasn’t as lucky. While we were all pulling for road-trippers Chelsea and Samantha, Chelsea’s jazz technique wasn’t quite up to snuff. Samantha—who’s never left NYC before—did make it through. After a moving pre-performance package, I don’t think I’m the only one rooting for this subway busker. As Paula said, with a little training and choreography, Samantha could go far.

3. Miranda’s 18th birthday celebration!
I really liked Miranda’s high-energy routine. She just looked so happy to be on that stage—on her bday, yay!—and it seemed to enhance her technique. (Could those jumps have been any higher?) I’m not sure if this young’un has what it takes to go all the way, but she’s a sweetie. Happy birthday, Miranda!

4. Kelsey Rose’s explosive tap routine.
Visions of greatness with this one. Nigel says Kelsey reminds him of Paula, and if there’s a better compliment out there for a performer, I’d love to hear it. (But Jason’s “tap dancing is a dying art” speech? NO. Let’s just move on, k? Thanks.)

5. Meeting Roydell’s son Bam Bam.
Can the baby pleaaaaase get a ticket to Vegas? #adorbz. Any episode that includes small children dancing onstage is a winner in my eyes, and Bam Bam seems to have inherited his dad’s amazing krumping skills. See you in Vegas, Roydell!

Overall, 55 dancers from Detroit will join Travis Wall on Team Stage, and 60 Motor City dancers will get to work with tWitch on Team Street. Let us know your favorite moments from the episode, and come back here next week, after we find out what the “SYTYCD” judges thought of the dancers in L.A.