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The Power of Synchronization

Story time: VIBE XIX 2014, a hip-hop competition in So. Cal., took place on January 12 of this year. Academy of Villains, a San Francisco-based crew, took home first place with a hard-hitting routine packed with stunts, props, and Michael Jackson. Fast-forward four months, and the internet explodes…over the runner-up. A YouTube video of second-place-winners […]

What Happens in Vegas… Is Some Majorly Awesome Hip Hop!

Have you ever found yourself wishing that dance were an Olympic sport? If so, August 11 is going to be your lucky day: that’s when the 12th annual World Hip Hop Dance Championship hits Las Vegas for an exciting, jam-packed schedule of competition and performances! 40 countries—everywhere from Argentina to Japan—are sending crews of 5 to […]