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At Age 6, B-Girl Terra Is Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

We introduced you to tiny B-Girl Terra a few months ago, when she was facing off with dancers twice her size (literally) at the Chelles Battles Pro in Paris. Now the 6-year-old prodigy is the star of a new video, set to the sneakily catchy song “Jungle” by Platoon. And it is officially our new […]

Meet Amazing 6-Year-Old B-Girl Terra

What were you doing when you were 6? I think I was skipping around in some pre-ballet class, pretending to be a flower. What is 6-year-old B-Girl Terra doing? Oh, you know—just pulling out windmills and headspins in international breakdancing battles. NBD! The pint-sized prodigy is burning up the internets right now thanks to a […]