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Taylor Swift's New Video is Dancy Pastel Perfection

“We promise that you’ll never find another [music video] like thi-i-IS!” Sorry not sorry, because all of us Swifties at Dance Spirit have waited a long year and a half for new T-Swift music—which, naturally, brings with it a new choreographic style for the princess of pop. All she cares about is pantsuit poweeeeeeeeer! (Giphy) […]

What It's Really Like to Dance with J.Lo in Vegas

Las Vegas has been home to some of the most fabulous shows of all time—including, these days, the dance-filled Jennifer Lopez showcase All I Have. What’s it like to perform on The Strip with a world-class artist? We asked J.Lo dancer Natalie Romero for the inside scoop. Booking with Jenny from the Block Since J.Lo […]

How One Girl Became a Backup Dancer for Britney Spears

Few dance jobs are as thrilling as being a backup dancer for a major pop star (just ask our May/June 2013 cover stars!). The guaranteed high-octane atmosphere, the costumes, the hair and makeup, the top-notch choreo—we could go on and on. So it’s obviously a dream job, but how do you get it? Luckily, one […]