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Ballerinas Are More Hardcore Than You

I love it when the “outside world” recognizes the awesomeness of dancers. Like when my friends attempt a pirouette and realize it’s not just “spinning on one leg,” or someone thinks getting into a split “isn’t that hard.” For a fun Friday read, check out this BuzzFeed article appropriately titled “You Should Know Ballerinas Are […]

Everything's Better with Ballerinas

Last night I was browsing the web looking for a sparkly holiday dress when I came across the 2013 winter lookbook for Ruche, a darling, vintage-y online boutique. The title? “En Pointe: The choreography of winter.” Naturally, I had to investigate. I’m pretty girly—my favorite color is blush pink and I adore anything with a […]

Ballerina Blooms

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