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Letting Go of the Barre: How to Keep from Falling Apart in Center

She just retired as a principal with Pacific Northwest Ballet, but as a teenager, Maria Chapman struggled to gain control of her flexibility. “I looked pretty good at the barre,” she says, “but I was relying on it way too much, and focusing exclusively on what my legs and feet were doing.” Without the barre’s […]

Pre-Plié Prep

Think barre is the only warm-up you need for ballet class? Think again. Check out four pre-barre exercises to get your body ready for that aggressive dégagé combo. DS fitness pre-barre

Raising the Barre on Studio Snacks

Aaron Ingley and Julia Erickson are partners on and off stage—and now, in business. (Nick Coppula) When Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley fell in love with dance—and each other—they had no idea their passion would result in a successful food business. Well into their professional ballet careers, the pair became dissatisfied with the lack of […]

89-year-old Ballerina Proves Age Is Just a Number

89-year-old Doris Lee Davis Pritchett is currently taking the internet by storm—and warming all dance-loving hearts while she’s at it. This viral video, posted by her daughter, Beth Pritchett Kendrick, on Facebook, shows Pritchett dancing at a makeshift ballet barre while recovering in a rehabilitation facility. A plié and a tendu show off her elegant […]