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Lucy Vallely Gives Her Top Tips on How to Avoid Burnout

With over one thousand Instagram posts showcasing her latest improv practice or snippet of competition choreo, it’s safe to say Lucy Vallely is never not creating. But how does she avoid burnout? Here, she shares her key tactics for staying inspired and energized, in and out of the studio. Journaling “Writing down my thoughts and […]

How to Beat Competition Burnout

After spending the summer learning new choreography, cleaning every eight-count and listening to your songs on repeat, it’s time to put your effort to work onstage. But as the season progresses—and you keep drilling down those same eight-counts—it’s normal for your choreography to start to feel stale. Read on for insight from top teachers and […]

How To Deal When Dancing's Got You Down

You love dance. You live dance. You are dance. So what happens when going to class becomes a burden and performing loses all appeal? First of all, understand that you aren’t alone. Whether you’re burned out or just curious about what life would be like if you weren’t at the studio 20 hours a week, […]

Give Me A Break

How bad would an ulcer have to get before you stayed home from class? If you’re like former Ailey School student Miriam Akhavan-Tafti—who, at the height of her burnout sipped from a bottle of Maalox between barre exercises—you’d have to be on your deathbed. Not only did Akhavan-Tafti drag herself to class with a severe […]