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Meet the Artist Behind #DancersWhoLift, a Movement to Build Strong, Confident Dancers

For the longest time, dancers were expected to be thin above all. Well-meaning dance teachers used to warn against dancers “getting too bulky.” A “serious” dancer wouldn’t dream of partaking in any other kind of sport or physical activity—let alone (gasp!) weightlifting. But in 2019, things have—thank goodness—changed. Terms like strong, muscular, and fit now […]

Where's the Line Between Cross-Training and Exercise Addiction?

Tackling an exercise regimen with focus and dedication can really pay off in your dance career, and there’s a definite thrill associated with seeing your technique, strength, and stamina improve. But what happens when your drive morphs into something that’s driving you? That’s what exercise addiction feels like: a sense that you have to do […]

The Best BOSU Ball Exercises for Dancers

We’ve all seen the videos on Instagram: a professional ballerina, casually perched atop a BOSU ball, développé-ing like it’s no big deal. When done properly, BOSU ball exercises are both insanely impressive and incredibly effective for strengthening your core, ankles, and overall stability. Dance Spirit turned to Joel Prouty, a NYC-based personal trainer and injury […]

Cross-Training 2.0

George Balanchine’s Agon is one of the hardest ballets for dancers to learn, thanks mostly to its incredibly complex score. Igor Stravinsky’s tricky phrasing and frequent tempo changes can baffle even experienced dancers. But at San Francisco Ballet, corps member Shannon Marie Rugani has no problem following Stravinsky’s music. Why? Because she plays the piano, […]

Watch This Hardcore Pointe Shoe Workout

We’re constantly looking for new ways to cross-train, and professional ballerina Kylie Shea just hardcore inspired us with this intense pointe shoe-meets-treadmill situation. Behold: #PointeChronicles • Cross Training Pt. 3 🙆🏽 Because there are many different ways to use a treadmill… here’s another one! I’ve been envisioning this for many months and finally filmed it […]

Three Pro Dancers with Unique (and Hardcore) Cross-Training Routines

As a dancer, cross-training is a non-negotiable aspect of staying healthy. But sometimes the prospect of another dreary gym session is…less than inspiring. Banish boredom and take a cue from these three pros—a ballet dancer, a modern dancer and a Broadway performer—who shake up their cross-training with unusual activities. We asked Kendall Alway, DPT, a […]

Top 10 Injury Prevention Tips

Speak up about any pain you might be feeling and get it checked by a professional. Photo by Nanette Grebe/Thinkstock Do you ever wonder if you are getting enough calcium? What about enough sleep? Did you know it’s possible overstretch your legs to the point of injury? Those were just a few of the topics […]