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Meet the Dancer Who Does Motion Capture for the "Avatar" Series

Since dancers are masters at the art of movement, Hollywood frequently turns to them for big motion capture projects. (Mumble’s happy feet in Happy Feet came courtesy of tap legend Savion Glover, for example.) Jenn Stafford, who’s danced with Cirque du Soleil and , is one such dancer: She’s taking her skills to the big […]

Goofy Gigs

  Pro dancers have all had their share of nutty jobs—anything from ridiculous choreography to hilarious costumes. After all, if it’s fun and harmless, why not make a little extra cash? And sometimes, those kooky gigs can be surprisingly rewarding. Clockwise from left: Jolina Javier (courtesy Javier); Hillary-Marie Michael (courtesy Michael); Mollie Sansone (Wheatphoto.com, courtesy […]