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Become a Better Performer: 7 Ways to Prime Your Mind for The Stage

You’re standing in the wings, moments from entering the stage. You’ve done your planks to warm up your core, pliés to feel centered and dynamic stretches to loosen up. But your mind won’t stop racing through all the ways your performance could go wrong. Ideally, a warm-up should be more than just a physical preparation […]

Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Dancing in the Same Ballet Company

There’s a surprising twist to Regina Willoughby’s last season with Columbia City Ballet: It’s also her 18-year-old daughter Melina’s first season with the company. Regina, 40, will retire from the stage in March, just as her daughter starts her own career as a trainee. But for this one season, they’re sharing the stage together. Read […]

6 Reasons Dance Training Makes Us Better Human Beings

Everyone knows that training is the cornerstone of a successful career in dance. But as a dance educator, I also take comfort in the fact that high-quality dance training helps shape students into genuinely good people (in addition to creating future artists, which is a wonderful goal in itself.) These are the lessons dance teaches […]

We're Born to Love Dance—Science Says So!

Turns out your love of dance might have as much to do with your brain as it does with your heart: The Washington Post recently offered crazy-fascinating insight into why the human brain triggers all the feels when we watch live dance performances. Intrigued? Read more about the phenomenon at dancemagazine.com!

Highlights of the Dance Magazine Awards

How do you sum up an evening that includes performances of stage-shaking passion; heartfelt speeches that make you laugh and then make you ugly cry; and an inescapable sense of beautiful, joyful, warm-and-fuzzy #dancerlove? You can do it the way legendary Merce Cunnigham dancer Valda Setterfield did it last night: By declaring that there’s nothing […]