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Catching Up with The Arnold Sisters

The Arnold sisters have taken over the reality TV dance competition world, and we πŸ‘ areπŸ‘ so πŸ‘ here πŸ‘ forπŸ‘ it πŸ‘! From “So You Think You Can Dance” to “Dancing With The Stars” to “DWTS: Juniors,” the four sisters have become a dance dynasty, lighting up stages and capturing the hearts of Americans […]

Celebrate #NationalSiblingsDay with Our Favorite Dancer Siblings

Happy National Siblings Day, dance friends! While every sibling relationship is special, there’s nothing quite like dancing alongside your sister/brother/twin. To commemorate this delightful little holiday, we’ve rounded up our favorite dance sibling duos, trios, and even sextets (yes, that’d be six dancing sibs), all of whom have been featured in the pages of Dance […]