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Friday Briefing: Class Etiquette Edition

Here’s a five point friendly reminder to be a stellar student! Give it a read, and apply it to your classes this coming week! 1. Don’t look at the clock. It’s rude. Don’t do it. When you look at the clock, you’re communicating to the teacher that you’re tired of class and ready for it […]

Audition Troubleshooting

(Photo by Lucas Chilczuk) At this time of year, summer program auditions can feel all-consuming. There’s tons of pressure to get into the intensive of your dreams—and one of the most nerve-racking things about the audition process is that no matter how well you prepare, it’s always unpredictable. The class could be packed so full […]

Do This, Not That

The judges are fine with you making a mess onstage—as long as you clean it up afterward! (Cory Jones/C Event Pics) Competition weekends should be easy enough, right? Rehearse your stuff beforehand, arrive at the venue with your costumes ready to go, hit the stage, dance full-out and, later, graciously accept whatever award you’re given. […]


  Last March, Kendall Shepherd, coach of the Lake Oswego High School dance team, led her group to competition victory. “We were thrilled to win for the second straight year,” she says. But the enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment. “We hadn’t even left the arena before the backlash started. Within hours, my girls saw updates […]