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A Big Bang Flash Mob

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good flash mob. There’s just something that makes me grin like a fool to see random people breaking into dance. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for my invitation to join in on the fun. Until then, I’ll continue scouring the web for the most amazing flash mob ever. […]

New Yorkers: Be a Part of This Magic Moment

I think we can all agree that the best kinds of proposals are proposals involving elaborate flash mobs, right? Well, New Yorkers, here’s your chance to be part of one such magical event: Misnomer Dance Theater is helping to plan a flash mob proposal for a very lucky girl, and they want you to participate. […]

Adorable Dance Proposals

If you follow Dance Spirit on Facebook, you probably laughed and cried and felt all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings about this video, which we posted yesterday: Such a sweet proposal! Such a cute couple! (And such talented dancers, to boot!) So today I thought I’d round up a few more dance-y flash mob proposals. […]