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How Foam Rolling Can Make You a Better Dancer

Foam rolling before and after class is basically the dancer version of a highly aspirational morning wellness routine. Both take serious discipline, and the benefits may not be obvious at first glance. But striving to be #ThatGirl only improves your aesthetic. Foam rolling on the regular can actually improve your dancing pretty much immediately. Here’s […]

On a Roll: The Best Foam Roller Exercises

A foam roller can be a dancer’s best friend—when it’s used properly. We break down the basics of foam rolling to keep your hips, calves and hamstrings (and everything in between) happy. Consultant: Alaina Hesse, of Neurosport PT. Modeled by: Madeline Doerr

Get Smoothie-Savvy

Spring sunshine has us all craving icy treats. Instead of reaching for a sugar-loaded milkshake or Frappuccino, opt for a chilled beverage with more to offer. The smoothie is an excellent vehicle for the nutrients dancers need to power through the day. From a pre-class snack to a post-class treat, there’s a recipe for every […]

Ready to Roll

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