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Harry Shum's Smart Videos About Dance and Sports

The whole dance/sport comparison can get a little tortured sometimes. Yes, dancers are athletes, but does that make dance a sport? There are objective ways to measure athletic performance, but are there objective ways to measure dance performance? One of our favorites, Harry Shum, Jr., figured out how to sidestep that whole complicated mess while […]

Can Harry Shum Jr. Be Our Homework Buddy, Please?

Picture this: You have a paper due tomorrow that you still haven’t started. It’s been a crazy day—seven hours of school followed by six hours of dance—and you’re finally sitting down at your computer. It’s go time. But after staring at a blinking cursor for ten minutes, you realize the words just aren’t coming out. […]

Scene Stealer: Harry Shum Jr.

He’s an amazing dancer, has a warm, outgoing personality, works hard and is simply a great guy. That description could just as easily apply to Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang, the character he plays on “Glee.” And like Mike, who’s gone from a quiet background dancer to a vital member of New Directions, Harry […]