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Beat the Cheat: Combat Improper Balance With These Yoga Moves

We have all done it. You prepare to execute a series of flawless turns, only to fall flat to the floor. Or perhaps you’re struggling to nail the balance at the end of a combination at the barre. You try again and again, but finding your center seems impossible—so you let yourself lean back or […]

Shouldering the Load: What kind of dance bag should dancers use?

Walk into any dance convention, audition or class, and you’ll see a vast variety of dance bags lining the walls. But can the style of bag you use (and how you wear it) have an impact on your dancing? Don’t worry—you won’t have to shoulder the load alone. Dance Spirit spoke with two physical therapists […]

How to Fight Inflammation with Food

Inflammation is always frustrating, no matter how or why it happens. And as a dancer, you’ll probably do just about anything to get back on your feet. But what if we told you that loading up on ibuprofen isn’t the only way to handle inflammation? A simple trip to the grocery store could do the […]

How to Beat 5 Common Cheats Dancers Commit

Y’all, we get it. Dance is really, really hard. So what’s the harm in taking the easy way out on a technical correction? Answer: an increased chance of injury, and a whole slew of new technique problems that could take a loooooooong time to fix. Lucky for you, Dance Spirit has enlisted the expert help […]

Here's How Immunocompromised Dancers Can Cope with the "New Normal"

With more Americans getting vaccinated every day, the pandemic finally (!) feels like it might be drawing to a close in the near future. Of course, this can’t come soon enough for dancers across the world who never stopped looking forward to the return of dance as we knew it. For dancers with compromised immune […]

Recipe for Recovery: The Best Post-Class Practices for Dancers

Picture this: After a tough class, you rush to a long rehearsal and when you wake up the next day, you’re almost too sore to roll out of bed. We’ve all been there. But is there anything you can do to put your body in the best position to recover faster? Dance Spirit spoke with […]

The Dancer's Dictionary of Medical Specialists

Podiatrists and physiatrists and pulmonologists, oh, my! There are a lot of medical subspecialists out there—and many of these professionals can make a real difference to a dancer’s health and career. With the help of Virginia Wilmerding, PhD (dance science researcher and research professor for the exercise science and dance programs at the University of […]

How to Avoid Injury as You Head Back to the Studio

If you’re one of the many dancers heading back into the studio soon, “excited” doesn’t even begin to cover it. You’ve missed dancing alongside your friends, you’ve felt the lack of IRL corrections, and you’re desperate to really jump and turn for the first time in months. (And if you’re not back yet, you’re probably […]