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Stinky Situations + Snack Away Stress

B.O. got you down? Don’t sweat it! These three DS-approved deodorants will help you fight the stench during summer studio sessions. (L to R: courtesy Secret, by Magone/ Thinkstock, courtesy Kiehl’s) Best Clinical Strength: Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Why we love it: •    Close to prescription strength, so it’s ideal for heavy sweaters •   […]

Swap It Out: Comfort Food Edition

DS health and nutrition expert Caroline Lewis-Jones brings you tips for eating well during the winter months. The weather is freezing each night when you drive home from rehearsal, so you’re probably craving warm, wintery foods before you go to bed. But instead of high-calorie, fat-filled comfort foods, try these healthier versions that will bring […]

Web Bonus: More About "Healthy" Food

In our December 2010 issue, DS points out how certain foods and drinks that are billed as “healthy,” don’t actually provide as much nutrition as you might expect. Here are three more foods that are similarly misleading. Energy Bars Why you think they’re healthy:  Energy bars like PowerBars and Balance Bars are marketed as meal replacements packed […]