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You Know You're a Dancer When…

Dancers are a weird, wonderful breed, amirite? Only true dance fiends will relate to these 16 things—give ’em a read! 1. You have extremely vivid nightmares about forgetting choreography onstage. Honestly, is there anything more terrifying? 2. You get dancewear for every birthday and holiday. Bring me the finest tights and leotards in all the […]

Perfect Your Ballroom Floorcraft

Floorcraft: It sounds like some kind of dancer magic, but it’s actually a technical term describing the essential ability to avoid collisions with other couples on the ballroom dance floor. Because success in ballroom doesn’t just come down to masterful technique, great choreography, stellar musicality, chemistry between partners and magnetic performance quality—it also requires gracefully […]

Hips Don't Lie

If there’s one thing that separates ballroom dancers from everyone else, it’s their swinging, sassy hips. Hip action—the rotation of the hips created by the alternate bending and straightening of the knees—is a hallmark of Latin ballroom dance styles, but it’s surprisingly tricky to do correctly. Mastering it will make you look like a pro, […]