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How to Deal With Injuries as a College Dance Major

Getting injured during college doesn’t have to ruin your semester. DS asked a professor, a certified athletic trainer, and a student who’s overcome injury how you can deal. Lauren McIntyre, ATC, certified athletic trainer for The Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase through the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU Langone Health “Injuries happen […]

Ouch! What Was That?

The worst has happened: You landed a jump and felt an oh-so-terrifying pop in your ankle. As your friend rushes over with an ice pack, your entire dance career flashes before your eyes. All you really want to know is how bad it is—and how long you’ll have to stay off your toes. Dancers endure […]

Get Well Soon, Derek Hough!

It seems like Derek Hough is carrying the whole dance world on his shoulders—or, more realistically, his feet—these days. Between his starring role in the Radio City Spring Spectacular and his stellar partnership with Nastia Liukin on “Dancing with the Stars,” he’s become a bicoastal dancing MACHINE. A machine that is now, sadly, suffering some […]

Pain in the…

Take care of your body so you can stay in the studio—and not on the sidelines.(iStock) Every dancer, at some point, is faced with physical pain. Fractured bones, inflamed tendons and muscle strains seem to come with the territory. They might even force you to take an unwanted break. But injuries, particularly overuse injuries, can […]

Learning How to Gauge Injuries Can Prevent You From Being Sidelined

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Because daily aches and pains are a part of every dancer’s life, how do you know when what you’re feeling is simply soreness from a tough rehearsal or something more serious like a pulled muscle? The following advice will help you decide when it’s […]

How the Natural Remedies of Homeopathy Could Soothe Aches and Pains

Ever wonder about the little blue tubes you see at the health food store? The funny names on the labels, like Bryonia Alba or Arnica Montana, are intriguing, but what are they all about? These little containers hold homeopathic remedies—natural medicine used to treat illness and injury holistically. If you go to a traditional doctor […]