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No More Knee Pain!

You spend your days jumping, leaping, bending, twisting and generally putting a ton of stress on your knees. But be kind to them—they’re two of your most important body parts! One of the best ways to avoid knee pain is to strengthen the muscles surrounding your kneecaps. “These exercises will help improve your alignment, which […]

A Letter From Kayla

Dance Spirit receives tons of letters from readers, and we love it! You tell us about your struggles with and accomplishments in dance and about the dancers on our magazine’s pages who inspire you. And often, those letters inspire us. Recently, we got an email from 14-year-old Kayla, whose story of her battle with a […]

Understanding Knee Trauma

A knee injury may seem like the end of your career, but with time and proper care, many dancers return—often in better shape than before: Proper rehab corrects the muscle imbalances that may have contributed to the injury. We’ve put together tips to beat a few knee injuries common to dancers. Always see a physician […]

Beating Common Knee Injuries

When you run and jump, your legs absorb a force approximately three times your body weight. That force travels through the knee, which is the body’s largest joint—and one of the most easily injured through overuse. Here’s what you need to know about four knee injuries that are common to dancers. Patellofemoral Syndrome (Moviegoer’s Knee) […]