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Melinda Sullivan's Tap TV Mashup

If you count yourself among the “Mad Men”-obsessed, this is probably an emotional week for you. On the one hand, you’re stoked for Sunday’s series finale, and you’ve already started planning your 1960s-inspired menu for the big event. (Ambrosia salad and shrimp cocktail, anyone?) But parting is such sweet sorrow, and you might not be […]

The Most Charming "Mad Men" Season Finale Ever

**SPOILER ALERT** The “Mad Men” season finale surprised us all with what might be the world’s sweetest song-and-dance number. Bert Cooper, that cranky, cunning old man, passed away after the moon landing. He might have been old-fashioned, but in his own weird way, he always had Don’s back. We know Mr. Draper is going to […]