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Marie-Agnès Gillot is an Anthropologie "October Muse"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably now realized that the ballet-meets-fashion sensation is here to stay. And you’ve probably also realized that here at DS, we’re really, really psyched about it. The latest gem? Otherworldly Marie-Agnès Gillot, an étoile with the Paris Opéra Ballet, was tapped as an “October Muse” by Anthropologie—complete with a revealing […]

Les Danseurs Is a Book of Beautiful Ballet Man Candy

We know you know ballet boys are gorgeous. But have you already watched Sergei Polunin’s dreamy Hozier video 8,3874,389 times? OD’ed on James Whiteside’s delectable Insta feed? Exhausted all Google image searches for the impossibly perfect Roberto Bolle? (Be careful with those—there’s a lot of bare booty involved.) If you’re in need of some new […]