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Despite Molestation Allegations Against Michael Jackson, "MJ The Musical" Will Hit Broadway This Summer

The hotly-debated Michael Jackson biomusical is back on. Not that it was ever officially off, but after its pre-Broadway Chicago run was canceled in February, its future seemed shaky. Now, the show has secured a Broadway theater, with previews starting July 6 at the Neil Simon Theater. Already, the musical has been through several stages […]

Watch Maddie Ziegler Demonstrate 10 Iconic Music Video Dance Routines

Maddie Ziegler is the kween of dance these days and it seems like there’s no move this teen dancing machine can’t do…or is there? In a recent video with Teen Vogue, Maddie shows us just how lit her dance skills are by demonstrating 10 iconic music video dance routines. From Britney Spears to Michael Jackson, […]

We Are LIVING for Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" Video

Put Bruno Mars in front of a camera. Turn on “That’s What I Like.” Let him dance his talented little feet off. Add a bit of creative animation. Watch the view count explode. BOOM. It’s so simple, and so perfect. I’m definitely not the first to compare Mars’ moves to Michael Jackson‘s, and the “That’s […]

Gimme a (Dance Video) Break

Sometimes, after a long week—and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, for many of us, this week has felt epically long—you just need a good laugh. If that laugh is prompted by a funny dance video, well, all the better. As ever, we’re here to help. Here are the two videos that’ve been our saving graces recently. […]

#FBF: The Danciest Moments in Super Bowl Halftime History

Ah, the Super Bowl halftime show. For dance fans, it’s, well, the Super Bowl of live performances. It’s the glorious moment when literally hundreds of millions of people see 12 solid minutes of dancers (and, OK, giant musical acts) being amazing. Of course, not every halftime show is a dancestravaganza. I mean, for what felt […]

Mini Michael Jackson Dancer Wins Everything

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is no stranger to amazingly talented guest dancers. I mean, we’ve got the Hough siblings, hip-hop mini wunderkind Heaven and Stephen “tWitch” Boss as a recurring guest DJ—and that’s only naming a few. What could possibly top this list, you’re wondering? #Obsessed (via YouTube) Enter Willie, the suavest eight-year-old on the block. […]

WilldaBeast's Michael Jackson Tribute

Who inspires you to dance? It’s a tough question—because there are so many possible answers. Here at DS, Misty Copeland encourages us to be ourselves, and to never let the phrase “I can’t” pop into our heads. Ricky Ubeda makes us want to stretch for days in hopes of coming close to his gorgeous extension. […]