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You Know You're a Dancer When…

Dancers are a weird, wonderful breed, amirite? Only true dance fiends will relate to these 16 things—give ’em a read! 1. You have extremely vivid nightmares about forgetting choreography onstage. Honestly, is there anything more terrifying? 2. You get dancewear for every birthday and holiday. Bring me the finest tights and leotards in all the […]

Dollars and Sense

Applying to colleges is beyond exciting. But it can also be beyond stressful, especially once you and your family start looking at tuition and room-and-board costs. Many factors affect how much you and your parents will ultimately contribute to your education—and what your financial aid packages might look like. To help you understand your options, […]

Ballet Takes Center Stage in this Music Video

Photo of Murphy by Ian Gavan/Getty Images You probably know Cillian Murphy as the villainous Scarecrow from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, or as the hero of the insanely scary zombie movie 28 Days Later. But it turns out he’s dabbling in directing these days. In fact, he just finished up his first music video. And […]

On The Side

Jobs at restaurants and coffee shops usually offer flexible hours and don’t require much experience. (iStock) You’ve just earned your first professional dance job with a great, albeit small, ballet company. You’re overjoyed—until you realize your contract is only 32 weeks long. Suddenly your dreams of glorious onstage moments are replaced by nightmares about grocery […]