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The BYU Cougarettes Just Casually Snagged Two More National Titles

In news that will shock absolutely no one, the BYU Cougarettes (aka our April cover stars) are National Champions once more! The powerhouse dance team clinched the top titles in both D1A hip hop and jazz during last weekend’s NDA Nationals in Daytona, FL. Their precise, hard-hitting performances highlight exactly what makes them the team […]

4 Champion Dance Teams' Funniest Performance Snafus

Performing for any audience is jitter-inducing enough. But how about an audience of 100,000 rowdy game-day spectators? Dance teamers face unique pressures in their highly unpredictable performance environments, and inevitably, things go awry. We asked dancers and coaches from four champion teams to share some of their most embarrassing stories—and how they recovered like the […]