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Ramita Ravi and Nick Silverio Are Making the “Artswrk” for Them

Waking up at 4 am to stand in line for an audition that starts at noon. Spending hours carefully editing dance videos for Instagram with hopes that you’ll be discovered for your dream job. Stalking a fellow dancer on social media to figure out just how they got that lucrative weekend gig dancing at kids’ […]

3 Networking Tips That Will Help You Make Lasting Dance Connections

When Yesenia Ayala started taking Joshua Bergasse’s classes at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center, she had no idea it would eventually lead to her Broadway debut. After a few classes, Bergasse pulled her aside and asked her to send him a resumé and headshot. That soon led to dancing in Bombshell: In Concert, […]

From Competitions to Campus: How 4 Comp Stars Made the Leap

Considering a dance degree to build on your competition experiences? DS caught up with comp-circuit stars who chose higher ed to learn the advantages of transitioning from comp kid to college kid. Ability to Pick Up New Genres “Because I’d been exposed to so many different genres—hip hop, theater, contemporary, and ballet—I was able to […]