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You Know You're a Dancer When…

Dancers are a weird, wonderful breed, amirite? Only true dance fiends will relate to these 16 things—give ’em a read! 1. You have extremely vivid nightmares about forgetting choreography onstage. Honestly, is there anything more terrifying? 2. You get dancewear for every birthday and holiday. Bring me the finest tights and leotards in all the […]

I Dreamed a Dream: Decoding Your Dance Dreams

The night before every big competition, 14-year-old Tessa Wilkinson, who dances with Plumb Performing Arts Center in Scottsdale, AZ, has the same dream: “I’m onstage performing, and then I either mess something up or completely forget part of my choreography,” she says. “I usually wake up worried—and immediately start going over that section of my […]