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Let's Get Things Straight: Dancing with Scoliosis

You’re at a checkup with your doctor, and she asks you to roll down and touch your toes. When you straighten up, she tells you there’s a curve in your spine—she thinks you have scoliosis. Don’t panic! Having a curvy spine, or even wearing a brace, is rarely a reason to stop dancing. Case in […]

No More Knee Pain!

You spend your days jumping, leaping, bending, twisting and generally putting a ton of stress on your knees. But be kind to them—they’re two of your most important body parts! One of the best ways to avoid knee pain is to strengthen the muscles surrounding your kneecaps. “These exercises will help improve your alignment, which […]

Understanding Foot Pain

The day-to-day grind of class, rehearsal and performance can, over time, strain the ligaments and tendons in your feet, eventually leading to overuse injuries. Whether from bad habits, such as rolling in and not keeping heels down in plié, or from wearing shoes that are too tight, these foot conditions plague students and pros alike. […]