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Help! My Mom's My Teacher!

Is the person leading technique class also—gulp—your mother? Here’s the good news: Having a parent as a dance teacher comes with many advantages. “From a young age, I had a built-in manager who knew the ins and outs of the business,” says tapper Donovan Helma, who grew up dancing with his mom in Denver before […]

The Parent Trap

Would you rather have an over-involved parent like the ones on “Dance Moms,” or a parent who doesn’t acknowledge your love for dance? Finding a happy medium can be tough for both parties, but it’s possible. (Photos by Scott Gries) Fourteen-year-old Lauren* dreams of dancing professionally and opening her own studio. Unfortunately, Lauren’s dad sees […]

Dealing With Problem Parents

If you’re like any of us, you’ve probably had a blowout with your mom in the dressing room over a ripped costume, or you’ve yelled at your dad for arriving late to a competition and missing your solo. Your teen years are tough enough—the last thing you need is a pesky parent to add to […]