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A college of images representing ICON Arts Academy's majors.

Introducing ICON Arts Academy, Iowa’s Brand-New Performing Arts Boarding School, Features an Interdisciplinary Pre-Professional Dance Curriculum

Over the 23 years that Leslie Nolte has run her Iowa City–based performing arts school, Nolte Academy, she has noticed a trend: During their teenage years, many of her most dedicated students moved out of state to attend residential, pre-professional programs—including Nolte’s daughter, who joined Houston Ballet Academy’s professional program at age 14. “I realized […]

A Few of The Top Year-Round Boarding Schools for Dance

For some high school students, the thrill of dancing away from home doesn’t end when the summer is over. In fact, those who attend residential performing arts high schools live in dorms, work with esteemed guest artists and faculty, and spend half of every school day in a dance studio—from September to May. Offering a […]