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Announcing Pointe+, the New Digital Subscription for Ballet Dancers

Dear Dance Lovers, If there’s one word to describe ballet dancers, it’s passionate. We are a devoted bunch, whether it means committing to a heavy training schedule, watching endless ballet clips on YouTube or reading up on everything there is to know about our beloved artform. That’s why we’ve created Pointe+—our brand-new digital platform for serious […]

Pointe Shoe Fitting 101—for Men

Josephine Lee, resident pointe shoe expert at The Pointe Shop in California, has found perfect pairs for quite a few men. Are you a male dancer hoping to try pointework? Here are Lee’s tips for your first pointe shoe fitting appointment. Make sure the shank is hard enough. “Men typically weigh more than women, which […]

Why More and More Men Are Dancing on Pointe

Like many professional dancers, New York City Ballet’s Gilbert Bolden III is totally used to sharing pics and vids of his dancing on social media. But in the fall of 2018, the corps de ballet member hesitated before posting one particular clip. “I was extremely nervous the first time I posted a video of me […]

Dear Katie: Help! I Can't Hold My Turnout on Pointe!

In our “Dear Katie” series, Miami City Ballet soloist Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions. Have something you want to ask Katie? Email [email protected] for a chance to be featured! Dear Katie, When on pointe, I find it very hard to maintain my turnout, especially in first and second position. If I try to […]

This "En Pointe" Obstacle Course Is a Breeze for Australian Ballet Dancers

Further showing that whatever mere humans can do, ballerinas can do more gracefully, the Australian Ballet created the most beautiful obstacle course we’ve ever seen, and then put their dancers to the test. Naturally, when it came to execution, the company members went above and beyond: Why jump over a hurdle when you could pas […]