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Maddie Ziegler is Now a Character on "Pretty Little Liars"

YOU GUYS. Did you see Maddie Ziegler on “Pretty Little Liars” last night?! I’m still scared. What is this face, Maddie? WHAT IS IT? We’ve been pumped for this episode, titled “She’s No Angel,” for months—and it didn’t disappoint. As with all things “Liars,” there was zero explanation for who Maddie’s character might be…and whether […]

Breaking News Involving Maddie Ziegler, Travis Wall and "Pretty Little Liars"

As if we needed another reason to get pumped for summer, Maddie Ziegler is going to be on an episode of ABC Family’s “Pretty Liars.” I repeat: MADDIE ZIEGLER IS GOING TO BE ON “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS”!!!! Hmmm…wonder what pretty little lies Maddie’s got hiding behind those beautiful blues. (Photo by Lucas Chilczuk for Dance […]