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6 Moods Dancers Experience at Their First Rehearsal of the Season

Whether we’re ready to admit it or not, summer is officially over. It’s time to trade the hustle of summer intensive season for a different kind of busy—rehearsals! Whether you’re prepping for football halftime shows or this year’s Nutcracker, rehearsals have all dancers feeling some type of way…or many ways. Here are six moods you’re […]

The Try Guys Gain a New Respect for Ballet

Every ballet dancer knows the time, sweat, and occasional tears the art form demands. But many non-dancers are clueless about just how much work a ballet dancer puts into perfecting his or her dancing. So when the mainstream crowd recognizes our crazy work ethic, we’ll accept the round of applause any way it comes—even if […]

How to Beat Competition Burnout

After spending the summer learning new choreography, cleaning every eight-count and listening to your songs on repeat, it’s time to put your effort to work onstage. But as the season progresses—and you keep drilling down those same eight-counts—it’s normal for your choreography to start to feel stale. Read on for insight from top teachers and […]

Your Top 10 Competition Fears

Ivan Kalinin and Kali Grinder from The Dance Zone in Henderson, NV You’ve worked all year to perfect your routines, and now it’s time to show off on the competition stage. But suddenly, the nerves kick in and you second-guess yourself. What if I forget my dance? What if I fall? What if I have […]