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We're Born to Love Dance—Science Says So!

Turns out your love of dance might have as much to do with your brain as it does with your heart: The Washington Post recently offered crazy-fascinating insight into why the human brain triggers all the feels when we watch live dance performances. Intrigued? Read more about the phenomenon at dancemagazine.com!

She's a Ballerina. And a Quantum Physicist. And Maybe an Astronaut.

For the past decade, Merritt Moore has been living a double life as both a professional ballerina and a quantum physicist. While dancing with Zurich Ballet and Boston Ballet, she received her undergrad degree from Harvard in physics, and she’s currently pursuing a PhD in quantum physics at Oxford while performing with English National Ballet […]

Top 5 Reasons to Always Have Apolla Shocks in Your Dance Bag

You may already know Apolla Shocks are able to replace your current footwear and dance shoes because of the durability, aesthetics, and traction, BUT there are many other reasons to ALWAYS keep a pair in your dance bag. BESIDES wearing them in class or onstage: TOP 5 REASONS TO ALWAYS HAVE APOLLA SHOCKS…BEYOND DANCE CLASS: […]


Choreographers sometimes refer to dance studios, where their creative magic happens, as “labs.” Now, thanks to David Odde, a biomedical engineer at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and Carl Flink, director of Black Label Movement and head of the university’s theater and dance department, there is literally such a thing as a dance laboratory. […]

So About That Glass Slipper…

Alright ladies, you know who you are: That girl who will forgo comfort for fashion, especially if it means rocking a great pair of heels on the dance floor. (I am, very occasionally, one of those people. But I always live to regret it.) Really, nothing beats the costumes for Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella. Helloooo gold […]

Just Keep Spinning…

If you’re anything like me, you dread the thirty-two fouetté turns (or worse, the turns from fifth) that ballet teachers just love to throw in after grande allegro. I’m just not a turner…never have been, probably never will be. But last Friday, researchers at Imperial College London made an announcement that made me want to […]

Are We Human, Or Are We Dancers?

We’ve always known dancers are special. (Duh.) But here’s a fun Friday factoid: Did you know that there are actually genetic differences that separate dancers from non-dancers? Seriously! A study suggests that dancers “show consistent differences in two key genes from the general population.” Those particular genes are involved in the way information is transmitted […]