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Monday Video Break: These Step Up 6 BTS Videos Are Everything

You guys, it’s happening! It’s really happening! Remember when we first found out Step Up 6 was a thing but we didn’t have tons of details? Behold, tons of details. (And these details are šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„.) Willdabeast , who’s serving as choreographer of the project, posted these behind-the-scenes videos on his Instagram page and they’re filled […]

Step Up 6 Is Happeningā€”But There's a Twist

Here’s the official teaser poster! Did you know that the Step Up series is crazy, super-duper popular in Asia? So popular, in fact, that there’s a Step Up 6 happeningā€”in Chinese? It’s true, it’s already underway, and it looks REALLY legit. As the Step Up franchise celebrates its 10th (!) birthday, Lionsgate is partnering with […]