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May/June 2016: The Fraternal Twins

Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala—better known as The Fraternal Twins—brought their trademark face and fierceness to their cover shoot. The result? A day filled with some crazy moves, lots of laughs and major moments. Check it out below. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Taylor Hatata and Larsen Thompson Are Fraternal #Twinsies

How did hip-hop prodigies Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson become the “Fraternal Twins”? Well, let’s see: Both are rising stars on the commercial scene, booking coveted gig after coveted gig. Both are members of Will “WilldaBeast” Adams’ immaBEAST crew and Brian Friedman’s Suga N Spice crew. Both dominate in Janelle Ginestra’s crazy-popular YouTube videos. Both […]

The Fraternal Twins Strike Again

Everyone’s favorite “Fraternal Twins,” Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson, have basically reached Beyoncé status. It seems like only a few days ago that we were raving about “City Ghouls“—oh wait, it literally was a few days ago. And now, they’ve appeared in their second killer vid this week: Janelle Ginestra‘s high-energy choreo to Jayceeoh’s “Turn Me Up Some.” Her […]