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The Season's Best

Comp kids, you never cease to amaze us. Summer after summer, you come to Nationals rocking fresh looks, innovative choreography and solid technique. And 2014 didn’t disappoint: This year brought us new trends—from fashion to footwork—that we’d love to see stick around (and some we’d like to see disappear). (Clockwise from left: DGS Photos, Courtesy […]

Nationals Lookbook

After last year, we thought Nationals couldn’t get any better. But this summer you all out-performed, out-costumed and out-techniqued yourselves. Take a look at these gorgeous photos of your favorite trends. And don’t be surprised if you spot yourself.

Trend Watch

Cabaret—Ooh, La, La! Dancers dripping in bling brought sass to the stage! We saw sparkly bra-tops, corsets, fishnets and fringe, which are all reminiscent of the flapper style. “I don’t like dancing in layers because I feel restricted. At my studio, we buy our own bras and cover them with material. They look really nice […]