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This Virgin America Flight Attendant Is Winning at Life

Remember when, a few months ago, we introduced you to the greatest airline safety video of all time? Virgin America’s “Safety Dance” is still easily the coolest thing ever to air on an airplane. Now, ask yourself: If you were a Virgin America flight attendant, what would you do every time that video came on? […]

You Could Be in Virgin America's Safety Video

Last week, we told you about the unlikeliest of viral videos: Virgin America’s in-flight safety instructions. The awesomeness, of course, came from the people delivering the instructions—namely, a crew of some of our favorite dancers, ever. If, like us, you’ve basically been watching the clip on repeat for days now, you’ll be especially happy to […]

We're Obsessed with this Video About…Airline Safety

Air travel is an awesome thing with a lot of un-awesome aspects to it. Security lines? Baggage fees? Teeny-tiny seats? That one guy with the B.O. who always, somehow, ends up seated next to you? Ugh. Usually, by the time you’re listening to an inane in-flight safety announcement—really, who doesn’t know how to use a […]