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Pre-Plié Prep

Think barre is the only warm-up you need for ballet class? Think again. Check out four pre-barre exercises to get your body ready for that aggressive dégagé combo. DS fitness pre-barre

Warming Up

Always give your muscles a solid stretch before you perform. (Matt Karas) When it comes time to perform, you can’t wait to be onstage. But preparing for a show takes more than doing your hair and makeup. Your muscles need to be warm or you’ll risk getting injured—and a warm-up isn’t just a quick stretch […]

Pre-Plié Prep

We’ve all heard it: the chorus of cracking joints that comes with the first plié of class. A lot of dancers treat barre as their daily warm-up, but a ballerina jumping into class cold is kind of like the Tin Man trying to move without his oil can. Conditioning expert and former professional ballet dancer […]