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The Workout Class Where Broadway Meets Cardio

Although dancers are well aware of the many benefits of cross-training, most would probably still rather spend an hour in their favorite dance class than mindlessly jogging on a treadmill. But what if working out had the exact same thrill as the moment you step onstage? Emily Winnie, courtesy Corella Dancer and choreographer Joseph Corella […]

This Ballerina's Mind-Boggling Workout Is Serious #Goals

Yes, we all know dancers are strong. But sometimes it takes a truly epic workout video to remind us JUST HOW INSANELY STRONG they actually are. Behold, National Ballet of Canada principal Svetlana Lunkina‘s oh-so-casual pre-class exercise: Svetlana Lunkina on Instagram: “My new exercise ~ 😊: “Strength and flexibility” #love #new #exercise #strenght #flexibility #map […]