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Here's the Full List of the 2020 World Choreography Award Nominees

We at Dance Spirit are *huge* fans of awards shows—particularly, awards shows that highlight dance. So naturally, we’re extra-huge fans of the World Choreography Awards, which have recognized and celebrated all the fabulous choreography happening in movies, TV shows, commercials, and on stages for a full decade. For the WCA 10th anniversary, the winners of […]

Here Are the 2019 World Choreography Award Nominees

We love any event that puts the spotlight on choreographers, especially since the entertainment world all-too-frequently sidelines their achievements. So, naturally, we’re big fans of the World Choreography Awards. For nearly a decade, the annual event has recognized dance produced for movies, TV shows/specials, music videos, and digital media. This year’s World Choreography Awards nominees […]

Congrats to the 2018 World Choreography Awards Nominees!

You know how angry we get about the fact that mainstream awards shows tend to sideline (or straight-up ignore) choreography. Which is why we love, love, love the World Choreography Awards, recognizing excellence in choreo in movies, TV, music video and other media. A whole glittery event dedicated to honoring fabulous dancing? YES. YES PLEASE. […]