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8 Dance Pros on the Biggest Mistakes New Choreographers Make

Whether it’s for a gig at school, a community theater production, or just for fun, the first time you choreograph a dance can be both exhilarating and intimidating. The Young Choreographer’s Festival is a platform that helps choreographers ages 18-25 gain experience by giving them a platform to present their work. The festival gives the […]

Congrats to Joffrey's Choreographers of Color Award-Winners!

Eeeeeeee! That’s the sound we make when we hear about events showcasing emerging choreographers. Maybe that’s oddly specific, but think about it: Whatever directions these artists decide to take will help shape the coming decades of dance. Call us #dancenerdz, but we think that’s pretty freakin’ exciting. This July, the Joffrey Academy of Dance held […]

November 2014: Kyle Hanagami

Kyle Hanagami’s energy as one of the hottest, young choreographers is contagious. You could take our word for it or watch it in our behind-the-scenes video–where Kyle also offers advice to new choreographers.