How Do You Win the School Talent Show/Life? Do a Dance Routine—with Your Mom

December 4, 2017

Scott Jenkins and his mom, Ginny, did not come to the Myers Park High School auditorium to play. They come to SLAY, PEOPLE.

The mother-son team put together an absolutely delightful “History of Dance”-style routine for the MPHS talent show. Ginny is a guidance counselor at the Charlotte, NC, school; Scott is her accountant son who—in a fact that will surprise nobody who’s seen this video—has his own YouTube channel. Their moves are so charming (and, tbh, legit!) that basically the whole world has fallen in love with them. Or at least the 26 million people who’ve viewed the vid on Facebook.

To the awkward stand-up comic or accordion player or amateur magician who had to follow that: We feel for you. Better luck next time.