This Teen #FLAWLESSLY Recreates Beyoncé's Choreo

April 19, 2018

Her name is Briyoncé, and she came to SLAY.

Meet Brianna Bundick-Kelly. At first glance, she seems like a normal teenager who was born and raised in Alaska and is now a freshman at Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA. But Bundick-Kelly has a secret identity: She’s the undisputed master of perfectly recreating Beyoncé’s dance performances. I mean, check out this clip from 2016, in which she replicates a section of Queen Bey’s Formation Tour:

Brianna did go viral with that vid, but she REALLY broke the Internet (and reached 19k+ Insta followers, nbd) yesterday with this insanely perfect excerpt from the already-legendary Beychella.

In just the past 24 hours, Brianna’s dancing has been featured on MSNBC and the Today Show. And in an interview with INSIDER, Bundick-Kelly said, “I got involved with replicating dances out of boredom. I was literally sitting at home re-watching Beyoncé concerts and was like ‘Man I wanna do that… Wait I can do that… I’m going to do that!!’ and the rest is history.” She’s a true inspiration, amirite?

So is Bundick-Kelly hoping to be noticed by Mrs. Carter herself? Yes and no: “My favorite part about doing these dances is that I can feel like I’m actually performing with the Queen herself without having to be there,” she told INSIDER. “Don’t get me wrong, I would die to be on stage with Bey, but until that happens, I’m gonna keep dancing on the internet.”

Beyoncé, are you listening?! You might just have a new backup dancer in Briyoncé, the self-proclaimed “Dancing Princess of the Beyhive.” Long may she reign!