Ashley Everett: The 10 Things I Can’t Live Without

December 31, 2013

If you’ve seen Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video (or read our May/June 2013 issue!), you’ll recognize backup dancer extraordinaire Ashley Everett. We got Ashley, who’s currently on tour with Queen Bey, to share the 10 must-have items that keep her body (and her mind) happy.

Her Adidas track suit. “I love a good sweat suit after a long day of work or during a hectic travel day. It’s the best loungewear by far!”

2. Her hair products.
“I use Moroccanoil, a brush and a comb.”

3. Comfortable shoes.
“Jordans are my favorite, but if it’s a heel rehearsal day, I use a boot for support. On days when my feet are sore, I rely on my trusty UGGs.”

4. Matte lipstick in nude, red and pink.
“I always keep a few options with me. I like matte lipstick because my hair doesn’t get caught in it while I’m dancing.”

5. Reminders of her boyfriend, Jennifer Lopez dancer John Silver.
“When I’m sleeping in a different bed almost every night, I like to have a little piece of home with me. I’ll throw on his T-shirt or basketball shorts when I’m missing him.”

6. Her iPhone.
“It helps me stay in touch with my family and friends. FaceTime is the closest thing to being with them in person.”

7. A neck pillow
—“Because I travel so often on tour!”

8. Her laptop.
“I get a lot of emails with music edits or videos to reference for rehearsals, and it’s easiest to view them on my Mac.”

9. A camera.
“I like to capture all the great moments that will turn into priceless memories!”

10. A small-barrel curling iron.
“I use it on show days when I need to make my hair bigger and define my curls.”

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