The "100 Halos" Project Features Gorgeous Ballerina Drawings

March 22, 2017


Artist and philanthropist Everett Dyson has taken the art of sketching photographs to another level. His “100 Halos” series interprets images of ballerinas in order to focus on the lines and planes of their bodies—and he always includes a halo over their heads.

Dyson says he was inspired to draw dancers because of his interest in anatomy, musculature and lines, and he decided to add the halo after hearing the famous Albert Einstein quotation, “Dancers are the athletes of God.” It makes perfect sense: Dancers are always trying to imagine energy coming out of the crown of their heads. Check out Dyson’s images and try to name your favorite ballerinas!

We especially love his interpretation of the iconic RJ Muna photo of Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancer Courtney Henry:


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