Our New Favorite Video Ever: The Addams Family Hearts Newsies

September 24, 2012

So, we knew that pretty much the whole world was obsessed with Newsies. We didn’t know that “the whole world” included “members of other Broadway casts.” Apparently it does. And who’s best at being obsessed? Musical theater pros!

When the touring cast of The Addams Family decided to express their undying devotion to (and envy of) their Newsies brethren, the result was, unsurprisingly, kind of incredible. Ghouls and goblins switch-leaping and pirouetting through a hilariously tongue-in-cheek tribute to “Carrying the Banner”? Yes please. (Sample lyrics: “Imagine paychecks from Walt Disney…and all the girls lined up for you [hairdresser: ‘Girls? Ew’]…and finally dancin’ on the Tonys…if only you was five-foot-two!”)

It is, in a word, magical. Check it out!