The Crew Behind the Mask

April 30, 2014

It’s no secret that we love the Jabbawockeez. Let’s see: Smart choreography? Check. Quirky vibes? Check. Iconic masks? Check. Vegas show? Check. What more could you ask for in a dance crew?

Well, it turns out there’s even more to love, and it starts when the masks come off. In a recent interview with Rob Dyrdek (as a part of the web series “Fully Uploaded”), the Jabbawockeez crew members revealed that they’re not only insanely talented, but they’re also super humble. They believe that any dancer who stays true to themselves can make it big, and we’d say that’s a pretty darn good message to live by!

The interview also includes some untold secrets—like why the Jabbawockeez decided to make wearing masks their shtick—and of course, some pretty sick dancing. Enjoy!