The English National Ballet Dancers on Tour

April 28, 2015

Nowadays, when dancers go on tour, you can practically go with them. Thanks to social media blogs, you can follow your favorite company all around the world.

The Great Wall of China (photo by Guilherme Duarte de Menezes, @guilhermedmenezes on Instagram)

The English National Ballet
just embarked on a tour of China—which is especially exciting because China is a nation of visual extremes, and the dancers’ photos take full advantage of that magic.

Inside the enormous Tianjin Grand Theatre (photo by Guilherme Duarte de Menezes, @guilhermedmenezes on Instagram)

You can follow along with the company on Instagram and Twitter. The dancers’ individual posts and Tweets give the social feeds a really personal feel, and the ENB blog wraps everything into a clear, scrollable narrative. Enjoy!